Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Have extended the mortgage till I am 75... sigh. reduced mortgage payments by 80 so that helps a bit. Will change estate agents and remarket on 13th December. Maybe buyers will stick around.

Who knows.............. in the meantime its frugal frugal. I already feed and clothe us both for 160 pcm.

I think bugger it - will work term time when I move into social housing. Oneday willhappen at least then I can look after weeny girl properly rather than chuck her out to daycare. Thats the annoying bit - the lost time all for nothing, no security no investment, no option of starting again.

heating - have not had th eheating on so far and plan to keep going as long as possible. blankets it is!!1

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  1. Hi, I really don't like to hear of you so down, I wish that I could help in some way. Honestly though, take it from someone old enough to be your mum, things will improve. But for now you have your lovely little one and Biggles and money can't buy you love like that. Take care of yourself x