Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Back from the lakes! Cheeky energy company!!!

We are back having have a nice time.  Campsite was fine- a bit posh for me but reasonable given its proximity to Keswick ( £20 per night for the three of us plus car.)   The average tent was huge!!! We have a four man tunnel  which is 160cm at its highest point.  There were some massive tents for only two people. It wasn't as friendly as some of the more basic sites I have been to like Gibside farm in Ullswater.
I shall endeavour to do more rough camping! ok rougher camping. Ate cheaply, lots of camp site meals and snacks!!! Biggles paid for the lake cruise as he could not be bothered to row!!! His choice!!!  weeny happy with troll hunting in the woods, a play park. The site also had goats, shetland ponies and pot bellied pigs.

Miffed again - Scottish power have tried to write off my complaint with a ridiculous email informing me that I have an econ7 meter. No you don't say! I am expecting a call back and will be very angry on the phone and request an explanation and also the contact details for the offer fgas body!

Other than that - I am still yearning for a simpler life with time to parent my child. Well time to see her  when neither of us are tired or grumpy would be nice.  New estate agent round tomorrow after dentist and doctors.

I really do not want to spend another christmas in this house.  I cannot afford christmas but that's another story.

I met an ex colleague today - she asked how I was, where I was working etc   She was all how lovely - that's really good . What I actually wanted to say was no its not lovely. I am away from my little girl and am missing her grow up. I shall never get this time with her  back. I hate it. If I was making a liveable wage and could afford perks then there would be some payoff.  I am not making a reasonable wage. There are no perks which ,make missing my precious child's early years bare able and I am balancing precariously upon the financial equivalent of striding edge. 

And I have to clean this sodding house again!!!! FFS


  1. Hi eek xxxx It's rough - hang on. It won't always be like this, even though it feels as if it will. Treasure every moment with your little girl, take hundreds of photos, keep an anonymous blog cataloguing your time together. Keep adding up the many blessings - holidays are great but then there's the come down when you come home, hang on, this will pass, this will pass xxx all my love and I always read xxx Froogs xxx

  2. Hi love your blog, life can be a bit pants sometimes. Make the most of the moments that you can. Sometimes things change for the better when you least expect it x

  3. Oh Bless.

    Glad you had a good time camping, I always found my girls really enjoyed the adventure of it.

    Keep your chin up ref work. I know it's easier said than done but it will get better. I worked two jobs when my youngest was growing up and I too used to feel so guilty about the time I was missing with her. However she is now 24 and a grounded young lady. She has a strong work ethos and doesn't believe in scrounging from the state. She also has fantastic social skills, as does my youngest. Both so much more so than friends children who's parents never left their side. My advice is treasure the time you spend together, create memories to look back on and show her how life can be good even with very little at times.

    Hugs X x

  4. Thanks girlies! Lol re reading my post the perks I think of are frugal ones lol I doubt I will ever think of perks as ones you can buy from chainstores on the high street!!!

    getting back to routine after hols is a comedown never enough time to do all the things you want to do. We have many many photos on disc and online. The time is precious she is 4 in just under 5 months and time is so so fleeting!!!!

    Small battle won so bootstraps pulled! Ready for the next battle.

    Love reading your blogs too.

    xxx for the support - means muchness :-)