Friday, 15 July 2011

Bugger and Drat!

I hate hormones - have low progesterone so am off to the docs to see what can be done. Monday 9:40.

B having pants time at work and cannot wait to be posted. Dropped price on house. Still no interest as of yet. Will take any offers at this point but have a feeling we may be stuck with a commute which will be super shite if I have to take a drug regime. if fact these things conspiring will probably cock up our plans entirely. Poor B. He is really is getting shafted at the moment by work and nature.. sigh.

other than that we are off to see mother B in gods own county of Yorkshire tonight. Food, parks and rugs ( we need rugs to cover the crappy carpets incase I get viewings) Will price up with carpets as well and compare.

Waiting for good stuff to happen still. Lots of littel lovely things but the big ones are pressing on me at the moment.

got 650 for the car form the insurance so have given it to B for the loan. He was not impressed and told me to keep it but I woudl prefer to pay back asap. its his war money and I do believe he earn't it working 20 hours a day some times more in the land of red dust.

I have inherited a rather cool set of black and red biking leathers and had the obligatory biker tart shot with cleavage taken ( no face showing) for fun and think I looked quite good playing the part!!!

Doing research on low progesterone at the moment so busy onthe net with stuff. Will update after the docs on monday.

Stay well - I still read and comment and enjoy reading your blogs loads.



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  1. Could you just give your carpets a clean instead of buying new? It seems a shame to waste your cash buying carpets especially if you have to reduce the price of the house as well. My parents sold their house and their new carpets were in a skip outside a few days after completion !