Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Some pics from the weekend.... Mini adventure plans...

Some pics from the weekend...................

My Strawberry tart efforts - architecture to be desired but taste perfectly adequate ++

 Boulmer Beach - tide was out leaving rock pools to be explored

Weeny girls favourite place is the Beach - given the option of park or beach she would choose beach everytime - far too much interesting stuff  do compared to a concrete park 
And you can run and run and run and run!!! and draw and splash and collect stuff and find dead stuff and live stuff and shells and rocks and sticks and seaweed and, and , and run and build sand castles and dig holes and  and ......
happy as piglets in muck

well back to work - not bad but bosses are off and there is much re structuring going on so little progress work wise -= I have gone as far as I can go really without getting other people to do their bits/have students in and its half term so I don't for see getting out of second gear. It leaves me time at work to day dream and plan and plot.... This is my logic....

I have to take a day off to meet with social workers.  If plans for work occur over summer I will not be taking anytime off bar days here and there maybe if I am lucky.

Why not combine trip with camping in lakes for a night or two. Weeny girl desperate to camp again and go on a boat.  I want to go to the lakes again. I am thinking Ullswater steamer to satisfy the boat.  

 I drive to west coast Thursday night. Spend morning of Friday with Mum and social worker  then tootle down west coast to Glenridding or Sykeside camping for Friday and sat night.

Friday will just have enough time to put up tent. Sat - Ullswater steamer and walk in Grisedale Forest . Head straight back Sunday.  This way I do not loose the day and have less of a journey overall not having to make a separate trip to the Lakes.  

I have the equipment - ok need an airbed but other than that...... not sure if Biggles will come or be able to come. Nice if he did pop over maybe on his superbike. I like the idea of Weeny girl and I doing a wee bit on our own. Like the idea of him popping over for the evening too.  could also take in Aria force if time. I have a back pack for weeny one who is not so weeny anymore when she gets tired. I think three miles+ may be a bit of a long trek for three year old legs..

I did try to encourage Biggles towards going to Wickerman but not keen on the line up. Can you believe he has never been to a concert!!!  All that military stuff getting in the way - I will secure Artic Monkeys tickets for him at some point.

ooo another adventure- excited already.


  1. Sounds like you have a few adventures lines up! Enjoy.

    I love camping and the lakes has to a favourite.

    x x

  2. God, look at that beautiful sky. It's just gorgeous. xxx