Friday, 8 April 2011

Waiting for pay day!!!

When is pay day!!!  Ahhhh Ok need to get serious now! Have paid two big bills - the overpayment from DWP when I was made redundant and a shortfall in child tax credits has mean't I have had to fork out £200 for child care! Seeminly they have overpaid me this year and the last payment was £200 short of the child care bill.

I am awaiting the nasty mechanics bill for the mot, service and work to get the car through its MOT. I am hoping about £350 tops. Then I have tax to pay - £120. SO the best part of a further £500 quid from the savings. I will be frugalling the shopping till the money starts comming in again. The extra spends - trips to Carlisle and such  have all added up. My mobile bill was also over budget by £20. I have beenusing the phone  to make necessary phone calls and have gone over my limit by £17!!!!!!! I never use all my minutes. I have a contract so am a bit tied. My goal is £25.

I have managed to stay within my budget for BT- intrenet has pushed payments up a few times going over my down load limit.   Working full time I should save money on heating and phone calls and such but will be paying more on fuel and using the car more.

Meagre shopping and being creative with the freezer stock should help.

Positive note  its free weekend tomorrow and we wil be taking a picnic and not indulging in souveneir shops.

Ho hum a frugaling I come!!!


  1. I hope the car isnt too much for you, could you not re-negotiate your phone contract to save a bit of money? x

  2. I am hoping too when I have had the phone for a year. Have also misplaced the soddin glasses!!!Will check around places I have been but am resigned to having for fork out for another pair. Positive note only spent 20 on food and bits this week - I like us to eat well normally and needed to restock a few things - bags of chicken etc Will get through it!