Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wardrobe shuffle!

Nothing like a good wardrobe re organisation to cheer me up!! I moved alot of stuff to the recycling pile. I also have a box of things  that I love but am not wearing at the moment IYKWIM - Eg really soft black leather pencil skirt, some dresses, lace top thing - one day just not right now!  I change my wardrobe according to the seasons - jumpers away or jumpers out.  summer tops in  or summer tops out. Very satisfying!  Also played stylist wiith a few items - took stock! Am now after a waistcoat - black fitted one - will know it when I see it!!! Shoes, skirts, jeans etc Also called in to the RSPCA shop. It has been maryised -  re decorated and repriced - no more sale rail of cut price items and lots of items now over priced if you ask me but such is the way of things..........

Would love to find some jumble sales - proper jumble sales with lots of jumble to rumble through but never see them advertised locally. Carboot maybe at the weekend.
Collected vouchers for the residents festival  - Cragside is a must not sure  for other days - some attractions are doing two for one which is still in the case of Alnwick Garden adn Castle £16 plus child price! tut tut
Uni Interview has been put back which is excellent - so have more time to prepare at a more sensible pace.
Debt - opened bank account today, need to transfer direct debits tomorrow, and also carry on with the care home search for the returning mother. We are on lots of lists and are waiting.........

Checked out Iceland today - needed milk and fruit, not bad for some items.

More debt sorting tomorrow and I may even dig out my camera software if there is time!!! I have lots of treasures to show!!! lol


  1. Let us know what size you are then we can all keep our eyes peeled for the waistcoat of your dreams! xxx

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours! Look forward to reading your post and always happy to have fellow charity shoppers to share finds with. I know what you mean about the charity shop changes, most of the ones here have been revamped and over priced. I do have a couple of trusty ones which i know will always come up trumps and they know my face so they are good to me. I was saying the other day that there are no old-school style jumble sales around here, when i was growing up there was one every weekend but now they are the holy grail. I did blog about a church fund raiser one i went to a few weeks back and it was super cheap, they have one every month so will be first in the queue next month lol. Scarlett x

  3. I guess that ebay and car boot sales have taken over from jumble sales. I miss them too x

  4. Lovely idea about the waist coat - any fitted leather ones about - black or dark colours ina size 12-14 and I'm your girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!