Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tourism and truth!

Interesting BBC3 doc on Thailand tourism and truth looking at the lives of employees and communities in Thailand. Full moon parties look rank. Minimum wage is barely livable. Rescue volunteers on the beach in Ko Pang Yang to  pick up pissed westerners.  Eurgh am ashamed! Very ashamed.

Need to get some sleep. Also pondering health and social care pgce - more part time options available and I feel there may be more opportunities available given the popularity of the subject at colleges.

I may begin emailing again. I really don't want to add to my debt and feel part time may be the way forward!

Never thought my ancient degree would be eligible nor was I interested until I read the syllabus - most of its covered and the rest has been relevant to me in one way or another. Can train in a school  rather than a uni which given my experience in schools may be advantageous. I shall research and email!!!


  1. Good luck with the research, it is hard to know what to do for the best. Remember that any money borrowed for students loans is at a very good interest rate and could be used to pay off more expensive debts xxx

  2. I saw that programme and yes very shaming, especially as i have been to thailand a few times, mainly in the backpacking dives and not in the luxury that that hotel was, i hope a lot of people saw that so that brits travelling can be aware of how much their tips etc are valued by the staff. I am however sure that the drunken mess will still continue on the full moon parties :o( Scarlett x

  3. Good luck! Your comment on my blog cracked me up about Hitler cat.