Friday, 18 March 2011

Todays fun..........

Was unable to make the phone calls due to that other thing called work getting in the way. OK  day however- have cleared the family loan with the relevant people so good good!!! Putting the super frugal plan into action asap after Easter. Easter will be an expense. I am going to the old country  (Scotland) to  collect my dear ole Mum from the airport avec big sister and take her to her new home - care home- she has advancing dementia/Alzheimer's. I will then spend a few days making sure she is settled. I have chosen Ayr as I really do not know how long I am going to be here and I would not want to move her again. She is from Ayr and other relatives will be able to visit her. I am just not sure how often I will be able to visit. Train may be cheaper mid week - leave on Monday night after work or Tuesday morning and come back Wednesday - will have to investigate . Weeny girl Roo will be joining me. These things always cost extra money - coffee, food stops  etc etc but cannot be avoided.  Not part of the financial plan and def not one the folks from CAP had budgetted for. Am looking forward to seeing mum interact with Roo - last time she responded very well to her and was smiley and happy. It will break my heart having to leave her so far away with strangers and not her familiar carers and in a new routine but its got to be done.

The  rest of today....... no charity window shopping just a quick trip to Morrison's for essentials!!

Look at my food booty!!! For only £10!! approx  Essential lasagna sheets  x4 - 23p each,  fruit and veg essentials - onions, carrots, broccoli, apples, pears, apple juice, 56p,  milk , yoghurts 44p, butter for baking, 55p, lower fat spread on special offer 62p!! Yorkshires - as I am pants at making them, I think they were a pound and last for three meals for 2.3 of us!! Bargain of the day -five jars of curry sauce 9p yes that's a whole 9p each!!!  45p Enough for five curry meals for two and a bit if needed or one and some for the freezer. We tried some this evening with some chunky homemade in their skins  oven chips and naan -Its  much like 70's school curry but spicier with a few raisins - fry up some chook and onions and its not half bad. (Curry powder would only last for 5/6 meals and cost more. Think it was about 80p  last time - Makway mild curry powder - bright yellow stuff) This way I also get jars for jam making!!! Large ones!!!

I will have to call in at Lidl next week for bread flour ( its only 69p)  light mayonaise and Salad stuffs but that's about it really. Apart from fresh produce should be an easy one on the budget for a while.  I always figure that if I want a proper Balti I will go out to a restaurant or takeaway - last one was new years eve with Biggles ( My birthday) and it was great, oh and a takeaway with Mother Biggles!!!! Who was  a big Goa fan  for many years but has now moved on to Kenya!

I don't have my camera software yet I uploaded photos to fb from my mobile then downloaded them to the lap top and uploaded to blogger from there!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't really do anything for comic relief - Weeny girl had to do something funny for nursery. We went for the Mr Tumble look - Those with kids and a TV will know Mr Tumble!!! Here she is in her glory: We had lots of random sticky out plaits which she is sleeping in so she gets frizzy hair tomorrow!She was very impressed with her look and couln't wait to show off!!

I also had some pics on my phone of childrens clothes finds which I will add too!!!

 99p Marks and Spencers floaty blue dress!!!
Has bed head hair in this pic - but she wanted to put it on!!! Good sign she likes it!!
 For age 4-5 - nothing over £2 mostly below as I recall - love the flowers and the colour of the cardighan!
A sweatshirt is missing from the haul!
I just like this one - looking out to sea!!! Can't wait for summer!
This year I have a promise that Biggles will spend it with me regardless of the military type things in Libya. Last year he was away  in the land of red dust  and long haired dogs doing war things. I made him promise over his curry that no more this year and no volunteering till ...well October when he is due to be posted anyway!!! He would volunteer for it  eagerly despite doing his over seas bit last year so no expectation on him to do so. Promised me no volunteering!!!!  Like he says its what he signed up for and its his job and he does it well......just give me summer then go answer your call xx

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  1. Little one is sooo cute and really pretty. Great haul, well done xxx