Friday, 4 March 2011

That Friday feeling!!! Enjoy the Weekend fellow frugallers!!

Another week comes to a close............ I took a fellow frugal bloggers advice and when popping into Morrison's for a single pepper stocked up on the pasta for 20p - got three times the amount I would have in Lidl. well ok 2.5 approx times as much their pasta was 49p a bag - same size bags. As I am away to Whippetland for Saturday I bought a few essentials that I will need at the start of the week as well and purchased the things I will need for next weeks shop that are cheapest in Morrison's - tuna, beans, salt, frozen pizza. I indulge in frozen pizza as a quick meal on Monday nights when I am typically later home form work and need to feed gorgeous one pronto before BBB time-  bath, bed, book. Have managed to go over my broad band limit and also mobile phone limit by ten pounds each. tut tut. I shall query the mobile and request itemised bills again. I need to know where this money is going. I have also downloaded a free download monitor. I really do not understand how I am going over my 10gb or whatever it is broadband limit. No unchecked broadband in the area - no talk talk or other cheap deals. One of the issues of rural frugaldom!

Am also pondering frugal driving. I typically go faster than 30mph as there are many country roads around me and the typical speed of traffic is 40mph+ I also drive on motorways a lot and so am doing 60-70 on a regular basis. To conserve I think I will have to decide to do so with rural frugaldom in mind - 40mph on country roads only and 70 max on motorways preferably 60mph.  And its better for the environment. I have however been driving with the boot full of wood for the dump. In my haste I filled the car in prep for the next visit to Alnwick and completely forgot about it! tut tut - the heavier the car the greater the effort the greater the fuel consumption!!!

I have popped my totals in my little monitoring book. £15 49 spent today. That leave only £25 max for food next week.

Enjoy the weekend fellow frugallers! Find lots of free, satisfying free things to do!!! I shall be charity window shopping and generally window shopping in Sheffield and seeking bargains in poundland and other cheapie home bargain shops!!

This weekend will cost me coffee for the driver which is cheap at half the price!!!


  1. Hi, just started reading your blog. I love your area.Re driving and economy I used to travel 35 miles a day each way (temporary secondment) and tested the fuel economy by driving to work one petrol fill up at 70 mpg and then 60 mpf and then 50 mpg on motorways. There was considerable difference in the top and bottom figures but I compromised on the 60 as 50 is a bit slow for traffic. I was actually being paid my fuel but if I was careful it meant I made a little! Also not accelerating sharply or braking sharply, not revving the engine when cold etc all add up to greater fuel economy. Now the weather is (?) hopefully getting warmer that should improve it too.

    Good Luck !