Thursday, 17 March 2011

Frugaling and creative debt juggling!!!

20 months interest free on balance transfers with Barclay card! This is worth looking into.  I  have also contacted child tax credit and got loan amount for repayment - 3.5k Will be less in a few days as I will have paid a wee bit more off the balance. I think I can be more creative than the CAP people and def more frugal.

I get the saving bit - that is now essential for me. I need to save £71 per month for car stuff etc etc etc. However I feel  over £200 on food /household per month is ridiculous!!!! I do fine on £40 and often have change when I am not feeding Biggles! We always have fruit and yoghurt's and veg with chicken or other lean meat. Hmmm I think If I meal planned more and if it was just me and darling Roo girl weeny one it would be less than £40 per month on a regular basis (though I do like to take advantage of a bargains and stock pile!!
I also need to get the results of council tax investigations to help me.  I  wasn't impressed with the drop the mobile phone and also cut the uncuttable fixed price or pay a penalty BT package. (Eyes roll)

Will put them on hold and not piss off my creditors Just yet!  I may have to borrow from family for the loan till the house goes which is not ideal but .... If all else fail s Roo and I are going to move into Biggles house when he moves ( posted with work - yes he is a bit military hence Biggles) and live at a much reduced rate and so can pay off debt.I may be in Carlisle or want to get to Carlisle so will look more into renting for a year. Will still have to add to cover the mortgage but will cross that bridge when I get there.

Mortgage companies are really annoying. I now get paid on the last working day of the month. The latest the Mortgage can come out is the 28th of the month - This is fine...... mostly. Hmm before I paid on the 17th or next working day to 17th. I can't go back to that either or else will cost myself an extra payment. FFS

So tomorrow/initial list to do.....

Ring council tax
Ring loans people again
Whinge at child tax credit to get realistic figures for actual salary . FFS how complicated is CTC and WTC!!!!

Work out and draw up new budget to appease CAP!!!  If this all goes to plan I will need to cnage my bank accounts back to my old favourite bank not the new one -  I really cannot be arsed to remember another sodding password/ pin number.

A hippier more positive Eeek and damn  I look good in my charity shop clothes - Could do with a hair cut though. lol ( No provision for haircuts in my budget btw  not even a trim tut tut or money for the window cleaner - an indulgence but necessary and only a fiver once a month or every two months. Maybe I will cancel it - upstairs would never get cleaned!! Eurgh!


  1. Hi, you may of done this already, but have you checked out Martin Lewis' website, money saving expert for ideas, also could you go to interest only on the mortgage for a bit of breathing space? x

  2. Hi Hun

    Am on bloody interest only already! I only bought the house back in 2009 with a reasonable deposit as was required! Hence the loan I have to top up the also reasonable sum I had to put down- I had to put down! I had to put down 15% of the overall house price. I topped up a loan I had to leave my ex. I have paid back 4k plus interest since october 2008 and didn't have long left 18 months or so. Bugger Bugger Bugger!!! Thanks for the tip - Will investigate and hassle those that require hassling - am really not ready for bankruptcy yet - am too much of a cut back and make do person!!!!!!!!! to admit defeat!!!

    XXXX Enjoy the weekend!!!

  3. Hope you have lovely weekend and dont give, there must be another way other than bankruptcy, take care x

  4. When you move in with Biggles, will you rent out your house? We have done this to free up some income each month. Have a good weekend xxx

  5. Hi Fran thats the idea - he has a tiny two bedroom with no outside space but the rent is minimal. Couldn't do it at the moment as we would have no space and would go mad!! He will live in the 'mess' during the week adn come back at weekends. When this happens I will have to do some serious decluttering and get rid of lots of treasures as will he. And as we will have two of everything lots of my stuff will be consigned to the loft!!!

    Sharing is good for the pennies!!

    Enjoy the weekend