Tuesday, 22 March 2011

enough to do.... when can I have a proper life again...

Ok first of my three prep days at school. Twas grand. Tomorrow I have the bank accounts to change back again!  How dull, some boring work stuff to do and if time the job application. Sigh. The weather is getting nice and all I really want to do is be outside. I have numerous gardening and decorating jobs but I suppose the prep comes first.  On with trying to establish the new life or rather career!!!  Apart from the money aspect being made redundant is a real pain in the butt. I really want to be focusing wholeheartedly on  Roo at the moment and what is best for her not splitting my time with a new career! But money being the root of all evil is also important ..... at the moment - well having the potential to earn enough to keep a roof over our head and have a reasonable standard of frugal living. Enough to live and make provisions for our future. Nothing consumerist required - no need. I have no interest in the high street, shopping centres, retail parks, package holidays, flash cars, furniture, spa days, expensive hobbies -Zilch, nadda, nothing, leaves me cold cold cold. Or gadgets, dvds, games consoles, brand named food, ready made frozen food, delicacies, jewellery ( expensive)........

Enough for wholesome food, my bills and worthy enriching experiences for my darling daughter not necessarily expensive ones. A few classes - ballet, swimming, music maybe one day, camping, the occasional holiday non flash type - Euro camp for the foreign experience type thing. I def do not want her to be used to the med every year!!! eurgh - fish and chips Spanish style!!! One day I would like a dog if I am ever in the position to have enough time to meet its needs satisfactorily.

Dave you are a git!!! If it was just me then I wouldn't be bothered I wouldn't be here anyway but the life I had crafted was not for me alone and the changes from you choices effect the most precious person and that makes you a super shitty little git.


  1. I glad to hear the teacher training is going well, we will have to wait with baited breath to hear how the budget is going to affect us,no holding out for much relief! take care x

  2. Thanks Dub girl - have interview next week so will see what happens then. I enjoy being in school and teenagers so fingers crossed then all I need to do is work on the financial plan!!!