Sunday, 27 February 2011

Prep for Monday... Tomorrow is a shopping day!

Am off to a place I hardly ever go to tomorrow due to being a witness at the magistrates court. I intend on fleecing the area for bargains! It is also a shopping day or if I am held up it will be Tuesday.

New rules for shopping are to list in specially purchased notebook all items purchased over the month - I have a £160 budget per month for food and household items for the gorgeous one and I. Thus us for breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea plus weekend food for Biggles the owl lover, and cat food for the moggs (2).  I have a small list of essentials to purchase: self raising flour, chicken breasts, bread flour, yeast, oil, cat food, sausages ( if on special offer) cheese ( if on special offer) pizza ( if on special offer) coconut milk ( if on special offer - an indulgence I love Thai style food) tortilla wraps, apple juice, moisturiser ( cheap for me) veg, potatoes, fruit etc  Otherbargains also much appreciated and very welcome. I shall however keep my receipt and tot it all up in a little book!  Balancing spending on food over the month so that I do not go over my budget of £160.

Living in the country in the far northern provinces of Englandshire the closest supermarkets are not great - Sainsburys, - too expensive mostly but occaisionally worth a trawl for kids clothes, Morrisons - a fall back I suppose -some bargains to be hadif all else fails,  Lidl and Iceland - to be watched closely for staples such as chook, pork, mince- Lidl special offers are supreme eg COFFEE Gold Blend - £4 huge jar and they sell the cheapest bread flour I can find. Icing sugar - for fun things!! Mustn't forget! Will tell you how I get on!

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