Friday 31 January 2014

New blog

New blog I think.... I'll disable this one after a fashion me thinks.

To update or to start a new....

Been a fair few months and this blog doesnt reflect where I am at anymore. Lots has changed. My use for a blog  pretty much stays the same:Sounding off board , get it off your chest cathartic dumping ground for all the nagging doubts, angry thoughts, frustrations in life.

Begin again or refurbish??

Pondering a facelift.

Sunday 8 September 2013

Catch up

Other than getting pissed with Jamie Oliver I've been busy. We are still off to Italy in December and yes this means wedlock.

Finishing up at work- I have things I want to have in place before I leave. I was there from the beginning and want to leave it in a good place.

Thinning out our houses- we are slowly going through stuff - recycling, selling and charity giving.  Have made approx £300 from selling out combined stuff via ebay and car boots.

We are waiting to see what sort of accommodation we will get. As ever last minute MOD. Apparently the order has gone in to NATO housing.  Girlie has a place at school.

We have lots of work to do on the man cave. Its Biggles job however. I refuse to get stressed about it. He has stuff upon stuff- man toys and lots of Niff naff. I could clear it in a day but he would get all pouty. Will dispose of the junk in Italy when we have a house together. mwah ha ha ha!

Small one and I went away for two nights over summer so she had a wee bit of a holiday.  We managed to do lots of free things as well as cheap things.

Wedding - we have outfits.Black and small one in lilac and black. I am reusing a mess dress and bought a bolero via ebay. Weeny has a fab dress also from Ebay for 3.50 lol plus P&P adn a black bolero. After short registry office wotsit we are going to the pub and then for a curry. May get our hair done together- small girl and I. This is it pretty much - a few flowers and done. We are selling our old gold to earn a few bob to put towards new rings. Nothing expensive or sill just rings that are simple and will last. We are both active and will batter any jewellery that we wear all the time.

Girlie is excited.

Other than that still frugalling away as much as if feasibly possible.  Soup getting stocked up in the fridge, fruit also frozen etc

Trying to lose a few pounds to an a bit more svelte for the nuptials.

Much love and all that.


Friday 30 August 2013

Busy busy but so pissed off by Jamie Oliver!

Yes am busy. Still moving to Italia. Stuff to do. Inspired by the little oik that is Jamie Oliver and his criticisms of the poor.

What is it with poor bashing at the moment? Middle classes 'feeling the pinch' and cannot afford their  new tat for their new build houses, or to exchange the 4x4,  look to blame the poor for their sacrifice!!!. They are all scroungers, benefits cheats etc. (Pah If we all paid our taxes more efficiently the up their own arse middle classes may just find that there would be greater savings made rather than by poor bashing/welfare bashing.) What a vote winner! Moral panic created over benefit recipients to hide what ever else is going on.  Little fiddles, big fiddles, mahoosive tax dodges cost as much as benefits fraud/welfare. Now its moved further than targeting those fraudulently claiming benefit who are just as wrong as the tax dodger whether he be big or small.  If you are poor then you are irresponsible, insolent and  indolent! Deserving and undeserving categories abound. It's the fault of the poor that the are poor. No one elses. Not unemployment, 0 hours contracts... what if their ceiling is low?? No its their selfish, misguided, terrible life choices and why should I forgo my 4x4 upgrade so they can sit and watch their mahoosive telly's and eat chips.

(Lets get something clear if you vote Tory fuck off right now. This blog is not for you. Not sure who I would vote for but Tory it will never be. So if you have true blue leanings take yourself somewhere else. Simple. I think you are an arse! Now fuck off before you get annoyed, feel your god given moral right to respond, I will call you a c*nt to insult you and you will leave disgusted anway. Save time don't bother. Go now.)

ST JAMIE D'OLIVER jumps on the austerity bandwagon. Massive fucking tellys and styrofoam containers for chips- yes this is poverty.

What a poxy comparision! Has the little mockney privileged Essex boy son of a business man albeit a small one,  ever considered the value in a telly for which you make weekly payments or even pay by view? ( and yes- pay silly interest- longer term for payment but lower weekly actual payments with  higher interest. Needs must when you have very little. It happens get over it. You pay for your car on HP don't get hypocritical)

As a poor person I have two flat screen tv's. I shall not qualify how I came to possess these items. No need and I should not be judged on this. So??? I cannot afford 10 mangetout in comparison to a bag of frozen peas. The value isn't there.

I really do hate the point made about Massive Fucking Telly's. It's great to have money for aspirations.  Money makes many things possible including aspirations, If you have no money and very little prospect of making a reasonable amount lots of things are just not possible. Outwith our cultural and financial frame of reference. If things are impossible eg mortagage deposit, new reliable car what ever, you focus on what you can afford and what is good value. Massive fucking telly's if that is your main source of entertainment are good value. They last for several years normally, unlike a holiday, and can benefit everyone in the household. I know of families who upgrade their TV before it breaks so they can get some cash back and can put it towards a new one- maybe bigger and better.

Like the frozen peas its better value than the mange tout. A holiday??? Over in an instant and incomparision to the telly that you spend alot of time in front of, keeps the whole family amused,  not as good value for money.

We all have a TV or  entertainment source be it internet or what ever for watching iplayer. Get real Jamie. And chips- well we all indulge in chips every so often. Eaten best from the packaging. Nigella does it albeit with houmous.  Us poor folk do this as well from time to time. It's a treat maybe even a weekly one. I bet St Jamie d'Oliver et famille gets regular weekly treats and they cost more than styrofoam chips.

He explained poverty and poor nutrition in one sentence laying the blame on people who are poor making poor choices. Poor folk are selfish and buy telly's over good food. Simple. They value tv!!! Shoot them!!! Hell fire their skank poor arses! How dare they not aspire to painting holidays in France! The little prick knows nothing of living on a budget and how it effects ever aspect of our life.

I don't mean choosing to live frugally. This is a choice. A very good one on all accounts- environmentally, financially, morally. Being poor is not typically a choice. ( yadda yaddda lazy folk and fraud)

Poverty can come with other features such as a lack of information and awareness, ignorance if you like about how to budget, cook, discipline your kids, clean your house, health, education, whatever it is. Levels of ignorance and being just unaware are lower and more common than you think. Don't assume a level of awareness.

If the offspring  of the 'monied' middles classes when in their twenties, can ask questions such as '' Was it Hitler who was responsible for the Holocaust?, Whats apartheid? or other similar cultural idiocy then yes there are poorer people who are unable to budget, cannot work out how much their supermarket  shopping will come to, are clueless as to how to bake bread or even know what a bastard mange tout is? ( Quote from only fools and horses maybe??)

Jamie is arrogant and also highly ignorant. For the pursuit of ££££ he has jumped on the bandwagon of moralising and  poor bashing.

St Jamie d'Oliver you are just another bully.  Whining oh so hard done by middle classes you too.

Tuesday 14 May 2013


and more meh!!!

Some support staff are full of their own soddding self importance!!!  Had a grump with an additional learning support worker.  I hot desk when at one of our campuses. I am only there once a fortnight and typically have a PC I can use. Today I needed to use the Additional Learning support office PC. It is no ones PC. There are two typically for use by anyone. Well technically ALS staff. One whiny Zelda decided she needed to 'ask her superior' to get me to move. She is a mouthy old tart. She could have done it herself. I said yep will just finish this and go,  no bother. She was waiting for me to finish- mid email answering. I told her I was off at lunchtime anyway and she could have asked me to go earlier if she needed the computer and did she really need to get her line manager who is the same grade as me to ask me to move? She was a bit taken a back ha ha. She got all pouty and said that she would now have to work through her lunch. Told her she should have asked earlier then and that it would have been no problem. She hummed and ha haa and tried to say I wouldn't move. I said no I said I would finish the email I was writing. ''Well whats wrong with me getting my superior to'' .. I had to stiffle a giggle... There is a back story. She is a whine bag. She wanted her under grad psych student daughter to do some work shadowing in my team. I was fine with it but HR was not. She thinks its me. Ha she won't want her daughter anywhere near now!  I popped into see ''her superior''- I am same grade so she must be my equal if that sort of crap floats ya boat. Stoopid support worker pops her head around the door five mins into lunch time and is in the middle of eating her lunch. Did nt see me but I heard the conversation about her having her lunch. Desperate and going to work through her lunch hour eh??? Last time I used their office was before the easter holidays for all of an hour and move whenever asked. Normally have an office from 11am so I use the their office only in desperate times.

Anyway Zelda - as she reminds me of Zelda from The Terrahawks is all huffy with me now. Shame. Ahhh I don't use rank or any of that type stuff. I manage a small team but like to think alot of what I do is leading by example, It seems to work and we have very few problems or issues. I expect nothing of my team that I would not expect of myself.

Ahhhhh Half of the support staff sit on their lazy keisters in lessons and do jack shit. Good ALS staff are fantastic but half of ours are pish lazy buggers.  If the kid you are supporting is ok - spread yourself around a bit. But no- they zone in and if the kid is ok they sit back and text, read, pick their nose etc etc They all want lesson plans. Not getting mine. Doubt they could follow it anyway. And they don't get my resources. Sorry- they take direction or support the student as I request they do.
I do group work around topical issues for young people -sex drugs and rock n roll basically with some other elements chucked in. Lessons are active, involve participation rather than being sat at a desk writing and lesson address all learning styles in one way or another. The ALS can participate in my book. Sessions as a rule cater to all learning styles and are accessible pretty much and involve discussion rather than being lectured. I never plan for ALS to be involved in lessons as half the time they up and feck off anyway esp if its not an academic session.

The job would bore me stoopid. Failing being lazy  they take it oh so seriously. One who has some sort of counselling qualification tries to counsel her students in the classroom. Err wrong time and place love. Focus on getting them through their work. Send them to see the employed cousellor.

If you don't like being the monkey get a job as the organ grinder. Sorry- harsh but true!!!

Other than that I now make ace potatoe au gratin and home made coleslaw!!!


Cheers for the rant!!!!

My mouse is playing up so apols for the spelling. Cannot be arsed to correct it. A super chore with a wobbly mouse.


Monday 22 April 2013

Whoo hoo £30

Yep got the email to say you will have £30 in your account. Thank you Money Supermarket.

And Thank You Bloggers re how to go about claiming. Esp Scarlet - many thanks for the explanation. I would be £30 down, it will go towards Small girls Christmas.

After a great weekend we are looking at a dull one! Biggles is off to America with work so he will be away next weekend. Small girl is off to the Y chromosome. Spose she has too eh!

leaves me on my todd. However I have a fun filled not at all fun filled weekend.

I will accomplish those terribly dull jobs one needs peace and quiet for,

1. Course work for the end of my PTTLS course. nearly finished and all gone well so far.
2. tax return for my mother
3. Cleaning - house Boo
4. Gardening - have a few bags for life I want filled with spuds and carrots and some ferns conifer things in pots that need replanting.
5. Ebay a few bits

May also drink wine and watch crap TV/films and stay away from the plethora of charity shops in Alnwick. I don't need anything!

The summer clothes may get an outing and into the wardrobe properly.

Have plenty grub this week and probably no need for shopping or only fresh stuff like milk and fruit.


Micro managing and a lack of initiative.

Just a grump really!

I have a small team of four people to manage as well as other agencies that come into where I work.
Anyway got held up this morning as I had to travel to one campus then get back to the other campus. Activities going on had not even been set up- not as if people did not know what to do. They were briefed but if I am not there to herd in the right direction no one uses initiative.

Bags put out but not opened. grrrr so annoying.  It doesn't take a lot and its not as if I havent got a well educated well qualified team. Just sometimes they mooch around in a bubble.

Oh well if I go it Italy someone elses problem.

And its bloody freezing in work - the heating was turned off and not put back on again in time for it not to be an icebox.  Shut over the weekend so it gets cold.